A gasket is a mechanical seal which fills the space between two mating surfaces, generally to prevent leakage from or into the joint objects while under compression.

The gasket material which is required to produce a tight seal is dependent upon the roughness of the surface. The gasket must be able to maintain this seal under all the operating conditions of the system including extreme upsets of temperature and pressure. Therefore, it is important to ensure proper design and selection of the gaskets to prevent flange-leakage problems and avoid costly shutdowns of the process plants.

We have more than 10 years experience in making different kinds of gasket. The scope of our supply with regard to sealing meterial is as follows: ·Spiral Wound Gaskets, both standard and special dimensions in all available materials. ·Ring joint gasket ·Gland (braided) fiber packing ·Gasket Sheet ·Flat gaskets both standard and special dimensions in all available material types, including gasket sheet and solid metal. ·Laminated gaskets (MRG, Kammprofile) ·Metal clad gaskets. ·Machined metal gaskets such as API Ring Joint Gaskets etc. ·Tape and cord sealing

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  • Flange gaskets are used to seal immobile flange connections from leakage of liquids or gases. The gasket assures sealing between two flanges when these are connected by bolts and nuts, by absorbing any surface defects.

  • PTFE is a material widely used in gaskets, due to it’s excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance and low fiction coeficient.

  • Rubber gaskets are used for forming tight seals between two components. Kaxite uses a variety of production and material options to solve even the most challenging sealing applications. We manufacture custom rubber gaskets and seals in a wide range of rubber materials (and compounds) including: Neoprene, Silicone, EPDM, Viton(Fluorocarbon), Nitrile (Buna-N), SBR (Red Rubber), Butyl, Natural (Gum) Rubber, Polyurethane, Fluorosilicone, Hypalon, Santoprene, Hydrogenated Nitrile, Epichlorhydrin, Cloth-Inserted Rubber, Conductive Rubber, Thermoplastic Rubber, and FDA Approved Rubber.

  • We manufacture graphite gaskets from sheets of expanded graphite, a universal material for installations with high temperatures and high pressure. It is especially resistant to vapour and is ideal for long term installations with varying temperatures.

  • Spiral wound gaskets are made from a v-shaped metal tape that is wound into a spiral with a soft filler material. The metal tape lends the gasket flexibility and an exceptional memory while the soft filler guarantees sealing qualities.

  • BX Ring Joint Gasket is a pressure- energized adaptation of the standard Style R gasket. The modified design uses a pressure - energized effect that improves the efficiency of the seal as the internal pressure of the system increases.

Kaxite Sealing is one of the GASKET leading manufacturer and supplier in China.